My name is Catherine Felt, and I’ve been writing for 13 very long years.

I wanted to be a writer off and on in my adolescence. But that changed when I learned I could start designing video games (this was back when they were much, much simpler). I started developing my first game and, while I loved creating the story and characters, I found that I quickly grew tired of the mechanics and fine details of programming. So I decided to take that story and start writing it as a novel.

Since then I’ve been writing almost consistently, having taken a hiatus off and on while I lived in Hong Kong and traveled around Asia.¬†Even though my travels made it difficult to write as I have for the rest of my adult life, I absorbed many life experiences that have colored my writing.

2003, Banjara Gypsy Village

That’s me working on my first novel (the second or third version of it), in a Banjara village in India in 2003.

Since then I’ve written a number of novels. Although I’m not yet published I continue to work hard and try to improve with each word. It’s a difficult journey that all my fellow pre-published writers can relate to. But when you have a passion and a dream, it ends up being worth it.

I currently live in California with my beloved husband and a very barky chihuahua, Athena.