Love Languages

14412c467092b64354d220cc1bc297173I like to use all sorts of quizzes to help me figure out more about my characters. It’s not just the results that give me new information to develop them, but sometimes the questions themselves give me rich ideas on how to deepen my characterization. One quiz that I’ve never seen anyone else talk about for characterization is theĀ Love Language quiz. It’s a great quiz to take for yourself, and for your characters. With the help of this quiz you can identify how your character receives and gives affection. It might seem like a little thing, but these profiles can really help you figure out some basic things to include in their habits or mannerisms. Does physical touch make them feel loved/feel like they are giving love? That could really impact your manuscript. Or do they prefer gifts? Or words of affirmation?

Check out the quiz! Let me know what you are — or what a character you’re writing is.

Love Language Profile

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