Inaugural Post

Blogs aren’t easy to keep up with. My first one crumbled because I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t know what I wanted to offer. But times have changed and I’m looking at offering a few things that I hope people will find informative/interesting/helpful!

Mary PickfordI’m a historical novelist and I find that I can learn a lot from well cited blog posts about various aspects of culture and history. So, I plan on posting things that I hope people would find interesting during the silent film era (1894–1929). Besides entries about fashion  and patent medicine/addiction during that era, you’ll find music, film clips, actress and actor bio and tidbits, and fun facts about silent film. You’ll be not at all surprised to learn that I’m writing a historical novel set during the silent film era. It’s a book about the rise and fall of the first (fictional) mega-star.

Additionally, I will be posting some writing tips. Most people will probably be interested in my numerous Scrivener tips.

My initial schedule looks like this:

Monday: Scrivener/Writing Tips/Craft book reviews

Wednesday: Silent film era cultural information(fashion, food, etc.)

Friday: Silent film factoids/bios/films

Hope to see you around!


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5 thoughts on “Inaugural Post

  1. There is always more to learn. I love that era. I’ll be reading, although I don’t see a way to subscribe by email. I hope you will think about adding that. Good luck with the blog!

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