Film: Those Awful Hats

Ah, pre-show warnings. They’re in every theatre. DON’T USE YOUR CELLPHONE IN THE THEATRE. They’re as common as popcorn now, and it would be odd for a movie theatre to be without them. But what about before cellphones?

hatBelieve it or not, early movie theaters (nickelodeons) also had warnings. One of them said “Please don’t stamp your feet-The floor will cave in.” A joke (thankfully), but a reminder to those of us a hundred years later that even back then there were rowdy people in audiences.

But my absolute favorite warning (that I’ve so far come across) is represented in this nearly 3 minute film by my favorite director, D.W. Griffith. I think it’s a hilarious little film. If you’ve never taken the time to watch a silent film, I heartily encourage you to enjoy this little gem — And tell me what you think!

Those Awful Hats, 1909.


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3 thoughts on “Film: Those Awful Hats

  1. I think the point could have been made in one minute instead of three. I have watched a lot of silent films through the years and have often felt the makers didn’t trust their viewers to “get it.” They tend to hit the viewers over the head to make their points.

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