Film: The Great Train Robbery

Everyone knows of the cliché ‘Stick ‘em up’ Western type film. But the first of it’s kind, and the one that set the stage for all of them yet to come, was created in 1903 and debuted in January of 1904. This film–”The Great Train Robbery” was astronomical in it’s scope at the time. There are many scenes of great action.


From WikipediaThe film used a number of innovative techniques  including composite editing, camera movement and on location shooting. The film is one of the earliest to use the technique of cross cutting in which two scenes appear to occur simultaneously but in different locations. Some prints were also hand colored in certain scenes.

Filmed on only $150, and outrageously popular, it is considered one of the first blockbusters. It wouldn’t be until 1915 when another film would take it’s place as the most popular film of the silent era. The film is almost twelve minutes long and I unfortunately cannot find a copy of it with music playing in the background. But give it at least a glance just to marvel at how far we’ve come in 110 years.

The Great Train Robbery.

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